Mistress Natalie Kinky with the slave


I was introduced to the BDSM at the age of 18, and has been an influential part of my life ever since.  I’ve spent decades in this unique lifestyle, growing, learning, refining my craft, nurturing amazing relationships, cultivating a sophisticated palate, and evolving into the dominant connoisseur I am today. 

Growing up experiencing the challenges and societal scrutiny of childhood obesity motivated me, later in life, to explore many modalities of fitness, functional medicine and holistic wellbeing. Simultaneously my career and exploration in BDSM grew. Over time I began to draw distinct parallels between BDSM and its positive holistic effects; I started seeing it as the wonderful life hack it was.

This realization added a new perspective to my career and an even deeper connection between my personal and professional life. After all these years I have never become bored or complacent. I always strive to expand my expertise and awareness in life and kink, guru and student simultaneously.

A Bit of My History:
I started in the scene in 1993, I was exposed to the fetish world through elaborate role-play scenarios and fetish play. The whimsical escapism and kink were a perfect mix, I loved it. Taking my subs through scenes of power exchange was exhilarating and my passion for it has not dwindled over the years. 

I was only 18 when I wore a strap-on for the first time. We didn’t have an actual harness but was shown a “technique” of stuffing the dildo into my jeans while keeping the button closed and zipper open to hold the dildo in place.  Later I got crafty and fashioned a harness out of rope, until I discovered Purple Passion (a fetish store) and bought my first ever proper harness. Role reversal, power exchange and forcing non-binary sexuality still makes sissy/slut training and feminization a great passion of mine.

Over the years my BDSM experience flourished. I was introduced to a traditional dungeon outfitted with all the ropes, corporal tools and bondage equipment as well as a realistic medical “clinic”. This clinic was especially fascinating to me. My obsession with all things medical started when I was very young. I thought I wanted to be a doctor, but after several years of working in a doctors office during high school I realized I had no interest in navigating the red tape of the medical industry, nonetheless my medical fetish continued. BDSM allowed me to explore my medical interests and desires in the most fun way.

My play space has an extensively equipped medical area that I love to play in. I have acquired quite an arsenal of medical gear, and my skills are stellar. The doctor is always in!

At 30 I built my own personal BDSM playground. It was a massive undertaking but worth every once of sweat I poured into it. At about the same time I started to get serious about my health.  I began working with personal trainers, and I spent a tremendous amount of time researching health and fitness which became like a second job. My exploration prompted me to go back to school to become a certified life coach, then again to earn a NASM personal training certification, and most recently to go to India for my Yoga Alliance training certification. Taking advantage of these skills, I developed my KinkyCoaching™ and BDSM Therapy programs.

Today I am more passionate about BDSM than ever. I strive to live out the Holy Trinity of HOT KINK, HAUTE CUISINE AND HIGH CULTURE while maintaining HOLISTIC HEALTH.