Luxury: an indulgence in something that provides pleasure, satisfaction, or ease.
Domination: supremacy or preeminence over another; exercise of mastery or ruling power.

The luxury of domination encourages the curious to indulge in every aspect of their senses. In my extensively equipped private BDSM dungeon in Manhattan, subs can enjoy the complete luxury that comes with My domination.

My studio is outfitted with the best of the best. It’s furnished with several pieces imported from Style Fetish in Germany: the Hellcat and the Warrior Chair. Other delights include a leather bondage bench positioned beneath both single point and four point ceiling suspension, a St. Andrew’s cross, a stripper pole for my sissies and a bondage stake.


Bondage is an art and I create masterpieces. My extensive leather bondage collection includes pieces from Mr. S Leather, Enfettered and Fetters of London, such as a sleep sack, leg binders, arm binders, straight jacket, belts, a multitude of hoods, gags, blindfolds, and cuffs. I also have metal restraints such as a helmet, handcuffs, ankle cuffs, a collar, and mitts.

With decades of domination under my belt, I know how to have fun. My toys include a huge (pun intended) selection of: Mr. Hankey’s, two Real Doll real cocks, a Venus 2000 milking machine, an ErosTek and a 2B eStim with a plethora of attachments, lots of nipple and CBT toys, rope, vibrators, London Tanners paddles, hand crafted floggers, single-tail whips, crops, and canes. If you want some discreet public play, I also have plenty of remote controlled pieces to tease and torment you on the go.


My medical area has the Style Fetish Super Boomer, Maxcita canvas body bag, a canvas straight jacket, and a wide range of nurse toys.

While I possess an abundance of physical gear, my mind ultimately rules you. I revel in role play, mind control, humiliation, and all-around mind-fuckery.

I have an extensive crossdressing, feminization, and sissy wardrobe that includes corsets, shoes, wigs, stockings, bras, panties, and makeup. (I do not have latex or leather, but feel free to bring your own.)

If your interests lean into a particular kinky fetish like shoes, latex, or leather, I have a very comprehensive personal wardrobe with custom made latex from Savage Wear in Berlin, Italian leather, Bordelle lingerie, plenty of red bottom shoes, and Wolford stockings.

If showers are your thing I can easily accommodate both with a physical place to shower off and a very robust water intake.

See the possibilities.